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You can now find my lessons, videos and assignments in Teams. Assignments will be posted at the beginning of each week. Click the assignment tab at the top of the general page.

I have entered grades in Realtime for the 1st 3 assignments of the marking period. If an assignment is missing, I have entered NS. A missing assignment may be completed and I will change the grade.

Some things to remember:

Please be sure to watch my lesson video. Information you need for the assignment will be included there.

If you have a question or problem message me in the chat
My office hours are every afternoon from 1:00 - 2:30 if you need help
Please don't start a meeting. Wait for me to initiate them.


You can also email me at if you need help.

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Helpful Hint!:
 Look at my recorder page if you need some help with treble clef pitches, notes and rests

Please feel free to email me ( if you need help