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Vocabulary Words for Lesson WW 5

1. Amaze (verb) To surprise or cause wonder.
    Amazing (adjective) causing wonder or surprise. 

2. Arctic (adjective) Very cold.

3. Elect (verb) To choose by voting for. 
                     To make a choice.

4. League (noun) A group of sports teams that play each other to see which is best. 
                         A group of people that works together for a common purpose.  

5. Recreation  (noun) Anything a person does to relax or have fun; play.  

Homework for Vocabulary: Tuesday January 12, 2021

Please complete the Forms page found on my Teams page under assignments WW 5A.  


List of Pronouns: 

-he       -him
-she      -her
-it         -us
-we       -you
-them    -I

Sight Words to Study: 

* Please find your name and study those words

Alyssa A.           Grzegorz           Alyssa F.           Adrian           Christopher
1. an                  1. will                 1. went               1. had             1. than
2. went              2. sat                  2. of                   2. not              2. away
3. this                3. run                 3. saw                3. than             3. been
4. had                4. them              4. than               4. been             4. were
5. as                  5. came              5. away              5. very              5. three
6. her                6. could              6. could              6. were              6. great
7. him                7. going             7. make              7. our                7. should
8. ran                 8. our                8. were              8. want               8. through
9. sat                 9. what              9. our                9. high                9. might 
10. read             10. under           10. three           10. goes              10. suddenly
11. run              11. walk             11. want            11. enough          11. either
12. his               12. always          12. always         12. through          12. themselves
13. us                13. until             13. until             13. ready             13. probably
14. saw              14. high             14.high              14. suddenly        14. near
15. when            15. pretty           15. often           15. special            15. everything 
16. than              16. soon            16. such            16. couldn't           16. goes
17. been             17. often            17. each            17. thought           17. against
18. back              18. think            18. begin           18. while               18. several
19. could             19. goes             19. goes            19. themselves       19. slowly
20. any               20. together         20. enough        20. probably          20. since 



Dear Parents and Guardians,

           Welcome to the 20-21 school year!  I am the 3rd grade resource teacher.   I look forward to working with you and your child.  Please know that I'm available at all times during the work day. If you have any questions, you can reach me by e-mail at  

Getting On TEAMS

District Issued Laptop 

***There is a small switch above the camera on the laptop, if you do not see yourself, make sure you move the switch to the on position *** 


If you received a laptop from the district this week it should already be set up with your son/daughters' email/username: 


Once logged on to the laptop, click the 4 squares on the bottom left side, a menu should come up that has a purple TEAMS square, click on that. TEAMS should open. All 3rd graders were added to 3 TEAMS pages, Team Taylor (ELA), Mr. Niemec (Math), and Mrs. Lindstrom (Science/SS 

Please make sure that you are clicked on the TEAMS icon on the left side to see all available TEAMS. Please follow the schedule provided, all students will start the day in their homeroom.  


PC/Laptop At Home 

Please make sure you download the TEAMS App on to your desktop, this will make accessing the meetings a lot easier. This can be done from the Microsoft website, or your app store on your device.  

Once downloaded the students will log in with their district issued email. It is no longer necessary to use parent emails as guests. Student emails are:  lastname.firstname 


Once logged in make sure to click on the left sidebar icon that says “TEAMS” Students will be able to see the 3 TEAMS pages they have been added to : Team Taylor (ELA), Mr. Niemec (Math), and Mrs. Lindstrom (Science/SS) 


Students will log into the appropriate team that follows the schedule the teacher provide. All students will begin their day in their homeroom. 



We look forward to a great year!  



Visit Mrs. Lester's webpage for Music:
Mrs. Lester's Web Page

Visit Mr. Picchierri/Mr. Mucha's webpage for Gym & Health:
Mr. Picchierri & Mr. Mucha

Visit Mrs. Scalo's web page for Art:
Mrs. Scalo's Webpage

Visit  Mrs. DiSclafani's web page for Computers:
Mrs. Disclafani's webpage

Modifications:  Some modifications that your child may need.                                                 1. Material to be read by adult                                                                                             2. An oral response is given by the child, a written response is provided by an adult, child copies                                                                                                                                    3. With multiply choice questions, limit by one choice