Maria Lindstrom

Welcome to Mrs. Lindstrom's 3rd Grade Science & Social Studies Class!

Friday January 15th we will have a social studies vocabulary test. Please go to content library and study the needs and wants vocabulary words and definitions.

**Please pick up science materials this Thursday or Friday anytime from 9am-1pm- students will need them for the next hands-on activity**

Monday 1/11/2021:

Social Studies: Study for vocabulary test (Friday) & complete business budget worksheet

Tuesday 1/12/2021:

Social Studies: Study for vocabulary test & Complete H.1 and H.2 on IXL
Wednesday 1/13/2021:

Social Studies: Use the book we read in class to answer the questions in forms. Make sure you restate the question to make it a part of your answer - this will count as a test grade for social studies. Continue studying for your test.

Book Questions

Thursday 1/14/2021:

Social Studies: IXL - H.3, H.4, I.1, I.2 & study for vocabulary test

Friday 1/15/2021:

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