Patrick Mucha

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Mucha

I am the traveling physical education teacher for schools #4 Washington Irving,#8 Christopher Columbus, and #9 Thomas Jefferson 

^click gym doors above^

Remote Lesson for Week of 

Hello class, my name is Mr. Mucha and I will be your Gym and Health teacher. Every Wednesday I will post a brain pop assignment on teams it will not be difficult.

You will have to follow the directions below and begin. This will be a learning experience for all of us so please do not get upset it will take time to get things running smoothly. So, if you have issue do not panic, we will figure it all out. 


All assignments will be posted on teams. Also all codes to create usernames and passwords will be on teams please look at the beginning of teams chats to find information. 
  Class Codes-
Kindergarten- stem3392

1st - crispy4334
2nd - wonder6548 
3rd and 4th  - toga5850 or spike5049
5th- elm6071



Grades 3,4,and 5

Each Day for the next 7 days increase the number of Push-Ups. If you cannot do a full push up, you can modify them and do them on your knees. Make sure your body is fully extended!

Monday: 5 Push-Ups
Tuesday: 7 Push-ups

Wednesday: 10 Push-Ups
Thursday: 13 Push-Ups

Friday: 15 Push-ups
Saturday: 18 Push-ups

Sunday: 20 Push-ups