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It's FRI-YAY once again!  These weeks are just flying by!  Hoping that you all have a wonderful weekend!  

This week in math we will be starting Chapter 2, which deals with another fun topic.....MULTIPLICATION! So brush up on those flashcards because I want to see those multiplication skills! It's going to be fun!

We will continue to explore Science this week!  We will start to understand how soil forms from the effects of weathering. 

Looking forward to another terrific week!

Remember your Special today!  After you eat lunch, complete your Computer assignment today, Friday, 10/16/2020.



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If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with me through chats on TEAMS or email me at

You will use my webpage every day in order to see your assignments and then head to my TEAMS page.
Remember that you must be on my TEAMS page by 8:30 AM every day!  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Remember that we continue to switch classes in 4th grade.  I will be teaching Math, Science, and Social Studies and Mrs. Rudich will be teaching Reading and Language Arts.  Your schedule is as follows:


8:30 Attendance (4D Teams page)
8:35 - 10:15  (4D Teams page)  Livestream Classes and Small Group Calls for Math, SS, and Science
10:15 -10:30- Break
10:30 - 12:00  (4R Teams page) Livestream Classes and Small Group Calls for ELA with Mrs. Rudich 
12:00 - 12:30 Lunch
12:30 - 1:00 Specials Work (see below)

1 - 3:00 My Office Hours - Any questions that you might have you can ask through chats and I will call you to make sure that you understand.

Math Website Links:
Science Website Links:
Social Studies Links:
ELA Links:

Specials: All Specials must be completed on the following days between 12:30 - 1. Please visit their Teams pages for the assignments. If you have any questions about their assignment, please contact them directly.
Monday: Phys Ed with Mr. Picchierri AND Spanish with Mrs. Bazan-Lopez
Tuesday: Art with Mrs. Scalo
Wednesday: Health with Mr. Mucha   Thursday: Music with Mrs. Lester
Friday: Computers with Mrs. DiSclafani

Please email us with any questions! Mrs. Rudich (ELA) Mrs. DeVito (Math, Science, Soc St) Ms. Nigito (Resource) Mrs. DiSclafani (Computers) Mrs. Scalo (Art) Mr. Piela (Music) Mr. Mucha (Health) Mr. Picchierri (Phys Ed) Ms. Bazan Lopez (Spanish)